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All work © Elizabeth Brickell 2015

E l i z a b e t h  B r i c k e l l

This selection of work from 1990’s to 2011 encompasses Collage, Sculpture and Site Specific Intervention.

I have always been intrigued by the idiosyncrasies of the ‘everyday’ and of accounts of people of past generations. As a harbourer of objects imbued with memory and connection to place or occasion, much of the work during this period explored concepts surrounding re-visitation and re-connection.

Site Specific pieces utilised abandoned buildings to create subtle dialogues and suggested narratives.

‘The complexity of the art of Elizabeth Brickell involves finely balanced dichotomies. Whether engaging with flatness or three-dimensionality, her subtly crafted works emanate a quiet, poetic beauty that seems to transcend time and place. She disturbs the peace ever so softly. One senses that her interventionist hand and foot tread with great reverence, that they are wary of being invasive because they are guided by a caring eye and mind. The result is that she gently reminds us that it is not just her delicate source material and her own

re-presentations which are confined and defined by time and place but it is us too who are transient and who can be transgressive.’

Dr Ceri Thomas, 2011

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